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Through the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic we are teaching both live and via Zoom in order to comply with social distancing protocols. Therefore it is essential that you let us know if you wish to attend in person.

Explorations in Movement

Sessions Sunday Mornings – Fortnightly

Without movement there is no life. Movement is the basis of what we are – how we feel, think and act. Through movement the living moving world is felt as an integral part of our own living and moving body~mind.

By exploring particular movements of the body in a very gentle and focussed way, feeling the tactile/kinetic/kinesthetic sense of what is happening and resting in the arising experiences, can bring a deep understanding of body~mind. A more natural and open way of being is uncovered along with the release of old habitual patternings. This practice can lead to a profound state of ease and calm with a natural unfolding to a more flowing and compassionate way of being with the world .


Current Sessions

Explorations in Movement.
Sundays: 10am - 11:30am - Fortnightly.

Ongoing: February 7 & 21, March 7 & 21, April 4 & 18, May 2.

Exploring the Teaching

Exploring the Teaching

These sessions engage expressions of Buddhadharma – the universal teachings of awakening – within both the group setting and personal everyday experience. The sessions include themed teachings, gentle movement practice, meditation, contemplation and group discussion. Engaging with particular themes between sessions and expressing reflections and understandings through visual art, writing and poetry both supplements and enriches personal and group understandings.

Current Sessions

Exploring the Teaching: 'Cultivating a spacious mandala of being'.
Sundays: 10.00am - 12.00pm - Fortnightly.

Drawing upon the inspiration of classical and contemporary teachings, body explorations and science, we will use personal reflection expressed through any medium – writing, visual arts, performance – in a shared personal exploration of mandala and open, responsive, grounded engagement in everyday life. Ongoing: Feb 14 & 28, March 14 & 28, April 11 & 25, May 9.

Exploring the Teaching: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation.
2 x five-week courses. Mondays: 7.30pm - 8.30pm.

February 8th to March 8th. March 29 to April 26.

Mindfulness meditation is a practice for establishing calm open responsiveness as a foundation of our everyday lives. Can we be poised in both calm, grounded centredness and, at the same time, an alive responsiveness with which to compassionately engage with what is arising in our experience? Classical and contemporary expressions of the dharma provide a helpful set of meditative approaches and frameworks for developing this capacity.

Across five sessions, the course will cover the basic practice of mindfulness meditation with brief reference to a range of core Buddhist and contemporary teachings towards strengthening a calm sense of grounded centredness with a spacious sense of aliveness and responsiveness. The classes will cover meditation posture, enlivening body awareness, use of the breath in meditation, invoking imagination and enhancing both inner and outer expressions of loving kindness.


Monthly Retreat Days

Setting aside a whole day for Dharma practice in a supportive environment is what is offered through our monthly retreat day. We provide a general theme for the day, lead a session of Explorations in Movement and a group sit followed by individual contemplative work using the practice space, the garden, the bush and the beach walks available in the neighbourhood. The day includes group feedback on working questions and further avenues of exploration; and a shared lunch.

Current Sessions

Longer Retreats

Since Open Path convened in Shoreham, we have held two (2) nine-day retreats annually focused on a specific theme in April/May and October commencing on a Saturday and finishing the following Sunday week. The schedule generally includes a morning and occasionally an afternoon teaching session with plenty of time between for personal exploration and practice.

Current Sessions

Warm Heart; Open Mind.
A Life of Complete Attunement and Skilful Engagement.
Nine Day Contemplative Retreat with Ven. Tarchin Hearn

We invite you to join us in a wonderful opportunity to nurture grounded, open, responsive engagement in the flow of your current living; wherever and however that might be. In daily sessions via zoom, Tarchin will outline a suite of contemplative body-mind explorations for deepening a felt sense of the seamless inter-being and inter-becoming nature of all life.

Covid permitting, a small number of people can physically retreat here in Shoreham and join together for sessions both with Tarchin from NZ and body-mind awareness explorations through movement with Kathryn & Bill. During the week there will be opportunity for sharing personal discoveries and posing questions arising from your investigations.

For registration and further information for all courses contact Kathryn: ph:+61 (0)3 5989 8179; mob: +61 (0)457 203 630;