Open Path

Exploring buddha-dharma
– the universal teachings of awakening –
movement, meditation, mindfulness and contemplative practice
in Shoreham, on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Open Path,
Where everything is fruitful.
Restricted Path,
Where a particular route is discerned
by what is not the path.
Where more of the universe
is not path than is path.
Where ‘getting it right’
is very important.
When life awakens within itself – wide open in wonder,
Paths open wherever we look.
Living dharma, life unfolding,
human engagement with our faculties
thrumming creatively;
this is nature awakening – a ‘natural awakening’.
It is the inborn path of buddhadharma
lived by all sages in all times and places.
Called many names that satisfy the namers,
living dharma is to live within the truth
truth which precedes and gestates all naming.
This pathless ‘path’ of buddhadharma is truly open.
it is available to all who seek.

Open Path,
this living dharma,
this world awakening
may we realize it!

Tarchin Hearn, May 2010.

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