For the time being, unfortunately, there are no retreats scheduled for 2020.
For general information about Saturday Retreat days and reports on past retreats with Tarchin Hearn and Leander Kane, together with retreat accommodation, please see below.

Tarchin Hearn 5-day Retreat, Saturday May 2nd to Wednesday May 6th

Love and Clear-Seeing in Turbulent Times
– bringing the dharma into our daily living –

For many years now Tarchin has given an annual retreat at Open Path Meditation, Shoreham, Australia. This year, due to Covid-19, it will not be possible and so we are inviting you to join us in an experimental home retreat that Tarchin will support by giving one class per day via ‘zoom’.

Our aspiration is to use these five days to investigate the transformative possibilities and healing potentials that can come thorough exploring a deeper and broader realisation of our inter-connectedness.

You will be able to log on each morning and interact with Tarchin, and other retreatants, as Tarchin gives a class for approximately one and a half hours from 10:00 am (NZ time) or 8:00 am (Australian EST).

There will be time to ask questions at the beginning and end of each class.

For the remainder of the day it is hoped you will enter fully into the spirit of retreat, within the confines of your local ‘lockdown’.

Registration is essential to access the Teaching. Please do so by contacting Kathryn:; or 0457 203 630.

To participate, make sure you have already installed on your device the ‘zoom’ software available from 

For those unfamiliar with ‘Zoom’, it is an easily downloadable, free computer program. We can help you with this process if needed.

Dana for Tarchin is to be paid into a designated bank account, the details of which we will give you nearer the date.


Saturday Retreat Days:

These have been postponed indefinitely.

Generally a theme of exploration for the day is offered.

The day typically includes guided movement and sitting meditations, time for question/discussion, time for walking in the bush and on the beach, time for examining patterns of life under the stereo microscope, exploring given exercises and contemplating life unfolding. Kathryn and Bill are both available to help with any aspects of practice you might have or that arise during the day.

Refreshments will be available during the day, but you need to bring lunch to share, or your own lunch if you have special dietary requirements. Cushions, mats and chairs are provided.


Past Retreats in Shoreham with Tarchin Hearn and Leander Kane

Both Tarchin Hearn and Leander Kane have conducted a number of wonderful retreats at Open Path over the last seven years.

The beauty of spending time on retreat at Shoreham is that the daily teaching sessions of both Tarchin  and Leander blend with opportunities for practice amidst the natural beauty of the environment – tidal flats, reef, beach and coastal forest – that act as temple and classroom. During the retreats both Tarchin and Leander encourage participants to carry their contemplative explorations to and from class, in their formal sessions of meditation and practice, in the ongoing daily activities of beach and bush walks and looking after family, cooking and living arrangements.

  • Tarchin Hearn

    For nearly 50 years Tarchin Hearn has been immersed in various traditions of Buddhist philosophy and practice, blending them with interests in life sciences and ecology. Today he is a widely respected teacher and practitioner of Contemplative Science, Natural Awakening and the way of Mahāmudrā. He has taught in many countries and helped establish a number of centres for retreat and healing. His work links personal and communal healing with a deep ecological perspective in ways that have inspired a wide range of people from a variety of diverse backgrounds and traditions. Tarchin lives in New Zealand with his partner and long time companion, Mary Jenkins.

    For more information about Tarchin, visit

  • Retreat April/May  2019 – The Heart of Mahayana – the union of love and skilled understanding

    This retreat in Shoreham, led by Tarchin, focused on a foundational text of Mahayana Buddhism, the Avatamsaka Sutra. Often called the ‘Heart of Mahayana’, the sutra is famous for its detailed vision of practical awakening and radical inclusivity. Here the entire universe in all its manifestations is seen as worthy of investigation. In this sutra, bodhisattvas (themselves the union of love and skilled understanding arising as deep compassion) appear in myriad ways: artists, scientists, parents, business persons, healers, social workers, monks, yogis, scholars and contemplatives.

    The union of love and skilled understanding is as necessary today as it was in the 6th century when the Avatamsaka was initially written down. With understanding, it can be a tremendous support for modern dharma paths of contemplative science, personal healing, and engaged ecological sanity.

    While the traditional Avatamsaka Sutra itself is very, very long, detailed and exultant in a manner way outside current literary styles, Tarchin has composed a short Sadhana that captures its essence – The Sadhana of Samantabhadra. This is a beautiful prose poem of practices, prayers, affirmations and contemplations. Tarchin guided participants through an exploration of the Heart of Mahayana and the Avatamsaka Sutra across the nine days using the pith teachings contained within The Sadhana of Samantabhadra.

    The Sadhana can be downloaded from Tarchin’s website Green Dharma Treasury.

  •  Retreat May 2018 – ‘Being the Cresting Wave of Now’ – An Interweaving of Mahamudra, Natural Awakening and Contemplative Science

    ‘Mahamudra’ is a Sanskrit name given to the path and process of experientially realising the true inter-being-nature of everything. We could call it, ‘Natural Awakening-in-action’. Although often associated with Tibetan Buddhist teachings, mahamudra’s ancestry goes back to traditions of contemplative science and yoga found in ancient India. These traditions themselves drew inspiration from a diversity of religious sources which in turn grew from the multi billion year journey of evolving living systems – a planet wide ecology of life itself. Luminous with the recognition of the interdependence of all manifestation, mahamudra teaching utilizes many aspects of contemplative exploration – including investigations into mind, consciousness and perception – while at the same time encouraging skilful and compassionate ways of participating in the unfolding community of all life

  • Leander Kane

    Leander has undertaken dozens of one-month and three-month retreats over her 30 years of teaching and meditation work. For 7 years she lived as a ‘Homeless Wanderer’ which is one of the great paths of devotion to Awakening. She has studied with many great teachers including His Eminence Beru Kyentse Rinpoche, Namgyal Rinpoche, Tarchin Hearn and Cecilie Kwiat.

    As well as studying, Leander has worked with thousands of individuals with various structural or emotional afflictions. Her oldest student is 96, the youngest only a few months. Some have been in a wheelchair, some elite international sports people.

    Leander first began teaching Liberation through the body 27 years ago and over the years since then, the work has been refined and deepened to become the jewel that it now is.

  • Retreat October 2019 – The Wisdom of the Body

    This retreat was a wonderful exploration of body/mind allowing us to touch and deepen our strengths, openheartedness, confidence and compassion – and in this way finding peace and stability in daily life.

    Gentle movement sequences were explored by moving, pausing, resting and observing – noticing the body qualities (such as groundedness) but at the same time observing the mind qualities (such as clarity). These were noted in all postures – lying, standing, sitting and walking.

    The technique itself is not as important as gently bringing the mind back and resting in the experience of body/mind; noting the subtle changes and the newness that arises.

    This is what a retreat organiser from Tasmania says about Leander’s work –

    Leander has been refining her form of meditation in the body for over 25 years and has been coming to us in Tasmania for at least 10 years. As a committed Buddhist practitioner she has lovingly supported the unfolding of many with day sessions in Hobart and extended 5 day residential retreats. Her call to this particular way of working is to bring “a mind of interest and curiosity and a willingness to explore”. By bringing one’s attention to subtle prescribed movements, the process is simply to notice, just as in formal meditation; focusing one’s awareness on whatever is arising in the present. Most of us however know too well the temptation for distraction and being habituated in wanting to change reality as it is experienced. The beauty of such quiet and restful work, be it a day or longer retreat enables retreatants to experience body mind connectedness in a very real and grounded way. Resting and walking is an important aspect of the exploration and being embodied, invites a clarity and wholeness that is not available to us when we live in our heads. Practising in this way we are encouraged to return and return and return again to the present moment, nourishing nervous systems and refreshing brain pathways.  Easefulness becomes effortless.  In this form of meditation there is nothing to let go of, there’s really no effort to be made except bringing one’s attention to the present experience, in turn touching the quality of wholeness that is always present.

    For many people meditation is tricky, sitting can be a challenge, the wily mind not easily tamed by the breath. So it is liberating to discover that being with the body in meditation and embodying our experience in a felt sense, can make the transition to a calm and steady mind very possible.

    A reflection from retreatant Sharon says “I found the retreat profound. By working with movement on a deep and subtle level to learn more about myself, Leander utilises her unique style to illicit insights that bring a lasting openness, compassion and strength to our way of being.”

  • Retreat October 2018 – Liberation Through the Body

    This was an extremely valuable retreat for all involved. Each year Leander’s teachings through exploration of body movements becomes more potent and powerful with the arising of deep understandings of body/mind for those taking part. (See also Retreat October 2017 below).

  • Retreat October 2017  – Liberation Through the Body

    This 10-day retreat offered an opportunity to study mindfulness and meditative clarity in a very direct way by using the body itself as a meditation tool.

    The body and mind are not separate. In this method, the practitioner uses very specific guided movements to quickly develop a state of profound calm. The practitioner’s work is then to harvest insights that arise while resting in that experience.

    The work naturally employs all four classical meditation postures – lying, sitting, standing and walking – within each movement. Each posture offers new opportunity for insight.

    Leander says: “All of our past experiences are stored in the body becoming our habitual patterns. Through detailed movement explorations we can release these patterns and open to our true strength and naturalness.  An interesting and amazing transformation can take place which often surprises.
    Learning to recognise the wholesome qualities of mind that come forth from exploring in this way and resting in them deepens insight into the nature of mind.”

    This cutting edge method of meditation has been developed over thirty years of purposeful study, meditation and teaching by Leander. It is informed by classical meditation practices, Mahamudra (an advanced and sophisticated system of meditation on the nature of the mind), Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) and the Feldenkrais Method.

Retreat Accommodation

Open Path Meditation consists of a teaching space and accommodation for visiting teachers; there is no retreat accommodation available. There are, however, a number of accommodation options which have worked really well over the years – see below.

Private housing

There are a number of houses in close proximity to Open Path that can be rented upon request. These are normally used as holiday houses and the owners have generously negotiated their use for retreat purposes with Open Path.

This means there are up to 5 individual rooms available for retreatant use, with further beds available if sharing is a possibility. There is shared use of bathroom, kitchen and lounge space.

All of the houses are quite secluded and within a few minutes walk of the Open Path teaching space and a short walk to the beach.

There is also the possibility of camping in the spacious grounds of these houses and using the shared facilities.

Booking:   through Open Path. Please let Kathryn know when registering for retreat purposes.

The cost per person of a night’s accommodation will vary depending on the number of people sharing a house. (Approximate cost is in the region of $50 per night per person).

Shoreham Foreshore Reserve camping area

This is a beautiful camping area overlooking Western Port Bay and within 5 minutes walk of the Open Path teaching space. Outside of holiday periods this is a very quiet place to camp and ideally suited for retreat purposes.

If you’re not set up for camping, Open Path has a double tent that can be borrowed and other limited camping equipment.

Booking:  Please see the website at

Other possibilities

Camping at Pt Leo foreshore reserve –

Somers Holiday Village –

Private rental – possibly the best place to look is, or contact a local agent who deals with property rentals.