There are numerous resources that could be included here. However the most influential resources for both Bill and Kathryn can be found on Green Dharma Treasury – the website of Tarchin Hearn. On that site there are numerous writings by Tarchin plus reference to other valuable resources and it feels appropriate to allow those interested to browse Green Dharma Treasury direct instead of listing them here also.  We do however offer a list of books written by Tarchin Hearn (below) that can be obtained from Open Path.

Tarchin writes on Green Dharma Treasury:

This site contains a selection of writings in which I endeavour to share some of the methods, insights and understanding that have arisen during the course of a long life of dharma exploration. After 40 years of teaching and travel, I am now giving fewer public courses and instead, spending more and more time in semi-retreat working with individuals and deepening my appreciation for this great unfolding mystery of life and living – in all it’s abundance. May the contents of Green Dharma Treasury support the flowering of wisdom, compassion and non-clinging awareness in all of us.
with love and good wishes


Books by Tarchin Hearn: see Wangapeka Books


Books available from Open Path Meditation:

Something Beautiful for the World (2008) a shakuhachi sadhana, illustrations by Robert Sinclair

Natural Awakening – The Way of the Heart

Growth and Unfolding – Our Human Birthright (new edition Sept 2004)

Walking in Wisdom (now also in French: Marcher en Sagesse)

Breathing: The Natural Way to Meditate (new edition 2005)

Daily Puja (new edition 2007, also available as an e-book)

True Refuge (2015)


Other books and e-books and books by the Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche – see






More to come soon – please keep checking