Dharma explorations with Kathryn Shain & Bill Genat  

Sessions at Shoreham on the Mornington Peninsula

At Open Path, we welcome people wishing to engage in and share the exploration of meditation and Buddha-dharma and its integration into everyday life. Buddha-dharma refers to the diverse body of teachings about human unfolding and awakening common to the great spiritual traditions of humanity.

At Open Path we draw upon these great wisdom teachings of the planet with a particular emphasis on the unbroken oral transmission from Buddhist Teachings and its integration with contemporary western ways of understanding and lifestyles.

Meditation is not only for the meditation hall but to enrich the whole of our life. Our aspiration is for people to extend the awareness and mindfulness developed in formal meditation practice, and the wisdom and profound understanding that unfolds through Dharma exploration, into every aspect of daily life – for personal healing and transformation, and for the sake of the whole planet.

Open Path offers people a safe and nourishing learning environment in a setting of great natural beauty. In our teaching, we support a respectful ethos of sharing. In this way, participants collectively engage and consider the varied and unique human responses to practices crafted and refined by the many human beings who have explored these precious traditions before us. We learn from and with each other. We welcome you to share these explorations with us.

All you need come with is an open mind and an aspiration to explore.


Kathryn and Bill