We would like to thank all our teachers, especially:

the late Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche.

Tarchin Hearn – Tarchin teaches around the world and most years teaches at the  Wangapeka study and retreat centre, New Zealand.

Chime Shore – Chime teaches at the Origins Centre Balingup, Western Australia.

Leander Kane – New Zealand.

The late Cecilie Kwiat – Canada.

The late Sonia Moriceau from the Orchard in England.


A very special thank you goes to Mana Waite of Open Mind in Thailand, without whose wonderfully generous support our original web site would not have come into being; to Stewart Daniels who for a while helped to maintain the site with incredible patience, and to Alan Dodds without whose interest and patient help this present website would not be in existence.

And, of course, to all those lovely people who attend courses and retreats without whom Open Path would not exist at all.