At Open Path we offer teaching courses, practice sessions and retreat work throughout the year – see also information under ‘Retreats’.

The venue for all teaching, unless otherwise stated, is the Open Path Teaching Space at 21 Marine Parade, Shoreham.

Register by emailing:

Cost for all sessions and Retreat Days is by way of dana (see below)

Teaching-Schedule-January to June 2019

Fortnightly Sessions and Retreat Days
  • Deepening in Loving Kindness, Compassion and Empathic Joy: Sunday mornings, commencing February 3rd, then fortnightly from 10.00 am – 12.00 pm

    Loving kindness is recognised in all great traditions as the fundamental foundation of the spiritual or mystical life. Within the Buddhist tradition, loving kindness is the first practice of the Brahma-Viharas or the “Divine Abidings”, meditations for positive emotional development. The four Brahma-Viharas are metta – loving kindness, karuna – compassion, mudita – empathic joy and upekkha – equanimity. Ways to strengthen these qualities are outlined in one of the oldest meditation texts in the world, “The Path of Purification” (the Path of Awakening) – the Vissudhimagga , a text that dates from over two thousand years ago.

    Across five fortnightly teaching sessions, complemented by explorations undertaken at home, we will explore a range of classical and contemporary meditation, movement and contemplative practices, complemented by notes and readings to deepen our embodied integration of loving kindness and the other Divine Abidings.

    No prior experience or knowledge of Buddhism or Dharma is necessary to join these sessions. A spirit of exploration is the only requirement.

You are invited to stay for tea/coffee at the end of each session.

Please register your interest with Kathryn: contact@openpathmeditation – mob: 0457 203 630

  • Retreat Day on the second Saturday of each month: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

The first Retreat Day will be on Saturday 12th January.

For further information about Saturday Retreat Days please look under ‘Retreats’.

Each Retreat Day will commence with a session of Movement Medititation.  There is considerable advantage in working with a combination of movement work and more conventional forms of meditation for gaining wholesome states of mind and greater understanding of the Dharma.

  • Movement Meditation: commencing Sunday 13th January, then fornightly from 10.00 am – 12.00 pm

This is a gentle but very direct way of working with and gaining a depth understanding of body/mind. Focussing with awareness on gentle body movements, old habitual patterns of body/mind can be released allowing a more natural and open way of being. This practice can lead to a profound state of ease and calm not only allowing understandings to arise, but naturally unfolding to a more flowing and compassionate way of living .

You are invited to stay for tea/coffee at the end of each session.

For all courses and session:
  • mats, cushions and blankets are provided.
  • please wear loose, comfortable clothes.
  • the fee for all events  is by way of dana – see below

For registration and further information for all courses/retreat days – contact Kathryn on 5989 8179 or email.


Dana is often taken to simply mean donation or gift. Dana is a Buddhist teaching about generosity of spirit or the sharing of blessings, the aspiration to generate health and goodwill in all the cycles of giving and receiving; the transactions of daily life. In reflecting on the practice of dana one begins to understand the interdependence of life. Dana is a gift offered in support of the Teaching lineage. In turn the teachings offered are to support you in meeting with life with wisdom and compassion. Each person arrives at their own level of offering through their own consideration. There is no set fee for teaching.  It is customary to offer dana at the beginning of the class (there is usually a bowl at or near the entrance). Giving prior to the teaching separates the act from concepts of fee for service and supports ones own experience of openness and generosity.